30 mars 2007

Sociala Forum: Akademi snarare än rörelse och aktivism?

Professorn och rörelseforskaren Andrew Jamison menar att det som händer på flera Sociala Forum snarare är traditionell, fast intressant, akademi än social rörelse eller aktivism:

””at the most recent social forum in Lund in February (2007), it was pretty obvious that the claims that are made in the book about social forums being a part of a global social movement are, to put it mildly, highly questionable. In my seminar, we had a good discussion about the effects of globalization on science, but there was certainly nothing at the forum that could meaningfully be characterized as activism, or for that matter, a social movement. It reminded me more of an academic conference than anything else, and a fairly traditionally organized conference at that.”

Andrew Jamison, recension av Wennerhag, m fl, Aktivister: Sociala forum, globala sociala rörelser och demokratins förnyelse, Atlas, 2006, i Sociologisk Forskning 2007:1.

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  1. Ett skäl till intrycket kan ju vara att forumet tog plats i Sverige. I Sverige har vi en ovanligt diskussions/prat-orienterad politisk kultur.